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CALCIUM SILICATE (a posh white cat litter)

Key Facts

  • Calcium Silicate is an absorbent synthetic mineral manufactured from low density cementitious materials to form an aerated, sponge like lattice which is highly absorbent
  • Its key features are
  • Very hygienic.  It is produced using steam at very high temperature which destroys any bacteria present, and it remains a hostile environment for bacteria even after it has been produced.
  • Very low density, so that bags of cat litter made from calcium silicate are extremely light and easy to carry, making it ideal for convenience shopping. 
  • Minimal dust and low moisture content
CALCIUM SILICATE (a posh white cat litter)
Calcium Silicate Calcium Silicate

Technical Description

Calcium Silicate typical features are:

  • Particle size - 1-6 mm
  • Dry bulk density - 0.35 gm/cc
  • Moisture content - 1%
  • Absorbency - water - 110% wt/wt ( Westinghouse method ) 

CALCIUM SILICATE (a posh white cat litter) Applications