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Key Facts

  • ALGANITE is produced from an oil shale mineral after the oil has been extracted to produce power and energy, leaving a porous absorbent lattice. 
  • ALGANITE is arguably the only mineral granule which can claim to have a negative carbon footprint, in that it yields more energy in its production than it consumes.
  • ALGANITE is a light-weight granular product which remains hard when wetted, is resistant to bacterial growth.  
  • It is effective and clean as an oil spillage absorbent and works well as a basic low cost cat litter.
Alganite Granules

Technical Description

ALGANITE's typical properties are:

  • Particle size - 1-6mm
  • Dry bulk density - 0.65 gm/cc
  • Moisture content - 1 %
  • Absorbency - water - 75% wt/wt ( Westinghouse method )
  • Absorbency Oil - 124-125% ( NFT Afnor 90-361 method )