Macromin Kentish Minerals

About Us

The MKM Holdings Ltd Group is a leading supplier of absorbent clays to the UK and Europe.

The principal operating company in the group is Macromin Ltd, which together with its trading division, Kentish Minerals, supplies to the UK and European markets.

Products supplied by MKM include:

  • Bentonite ( synonyms: Fuller’s Earth , Montmorillonite)
  • Bentonite grouts
  • Bentonite and other Cat Litter
  • Alganite (calcined absorbent granules)
  • Sepiolite ( synonyms: white cat litter, lightweight cat litter)
  • Titanium Dioxide (Anatase & Rutile)
  • Zeolite

Sectors served by MKM include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Borehole and Well Drilling
  • Environmental: landfill, remediation and water industries
  • Paper / Soap / Rubber / Ceramics
  • Agriculture / Horticulture
  • Grouting / Cement
  • Pet Products (cat litter)