Macromin Kentish Minerals

Cat Litter

Macromin Ltd sources cat litter primarily from the EU for distribution either in bulk to packers or in finished consumer packaging to the retail trade in the UK, and to our overseas distributors.  Note:  we do not supply the general public.

Cat litter is purchased by about a third of cat owning households in the UK. 

There are different cat litters available on the market to suit most tastes, from efficient "clumping" cat litter, where the user only has to remove the clumps instead of changing the whole tray, to lightweight and very lightweight litters which are easier to carry home.

There are also several eco-friendly cat litters, such as Macromin's bentonite cat litter, which is sun-dried instead of using fossil fuels, and litters made by recycling various waste products like cellulose and paper pulps.


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