Macromin Kentish Minerals

KM SW Bentonite Powder

Key Facts

  • A specially selected soda exchanged bentonite for Slurry Cut-Off Wall applications, used in conjunction with OPC / GGBS or PFA  formulations to produce a solid impermeable barrier wall. Equally suited to demanding Diaphragm wall applications.
  • KM SW disperses rapidly in water to form a mud with good viscosity and gel strength that is very stable and which can be used within 2 mins of mixing although rheology improves further if left to hydrate longer. 
  • If quick mixing with no pre-hydration of the bentonite, it is recommended to mix the bentonite in water first and shear for at least 2 minutes before adding the GGBS and then the OPC.
  • Bleed on finished set slurry always <2% and typically <1% after 24 hrs.
KM SW Bentonite Powder

Technical Description

  • Physical Appearance - Pale coloured powder
  • Moisture Content - 2% ± 2%
  • Specific Gravity - 2.4 - 2.6
  • Bulk Density - 800 - 1000 kg/m3
  • Dry Screen Analysis - Min 75% < 75 micron
  • LOI - 7.6%