Macromin Kentish Minerals

Sealing and void-filling

When drilling boreholes, particularly for ground investigations, it is imperative that the water table is protected from any surface contamination after the borehole is left behind.   Pellets are used for deep sealing, where the pellets have the ability to sink to the bottom of a water-filled hole before expanding to seal the void, and straight bentonite granules or bentonite-cement pellets are used for surface sealing.

Sealing is also needed around landfill site gas-extraction boreholes, to protect the body of the landfill from rainwater ingress.

Finally, sealing or "grouting" is best practice around the heat-collecting underground pipes in geothermal installations, where KM Geoseal bentonite and KM Thermoseal ready-made grout mix provide excellent sealing with high thermal conductivity.


KM Redigrout