Macromin Kentish Minerals

KM ULTRABORE ultra high yield bentonite

Key Facts

  • ULTRABORE ultra high yield bentonite
  • Carbon footprint reduction combined with whole project cost savings. 
  • Our greenest bentonite. Fewer lorry loads, less slurry and tighter mud control
  • Most suitable for difficult ground conditions. 
  • Higher cuttings carrying capacity, improved hole cleaning, improved sealing. 
KM ULTRABORE ultra high yield bentonite

Technical Description

  • KM ULTRABORE ultra high yield bentonite
  • KM ULTRABORE is a premium product, however it provides cost saving over the duration of the project. 
  • A specially selected Bentonite and polymer blend, designed to maximise yield, hole cleaning and minimise filtrate losses. 
  • Depending on conditions Bentonite usage can be reduced by up to 50% by using Ultrabore over a standard civil engineering bentonte. The result is fewer vehicles coming on site to deliver bentonite, and fewer vehicles collecting spent slurry for disposal.  

Fluid Properties

  •  (4% wt / wt fluid )
  • Apparent Vis - cp 25
  • Yield Point - cp - 18
  • 6/3 rpm - 18/16
  • Gels 10sec/10min cp - 17/ 17
  • Filtrate Loss ml - 16